Hardworking Woman Presses Elevator Button After It’s Already Lit


SAN FRANSISCO, CA –Hardworking and passionate businesswoman Lydia Collins showcases her drive and talent wherever she goes, especially when she’s in an elevator. “Most of the time, people are going to the same floor I am going to and the button is already lit, but that doesn’t stop me from pressing it again.” This also happens with Lydia when she’s pressing the up or down elevator button in her office and even crosswalk buttons. “I just feel that maybe the elevators will move faster if I press the button. After all, I haven’t gotten where I am in life without pushing myself ahead. People really listen to me, so I figure inanimate objects might too.”

Lydia has also voiced her opinion about people that press the button after she’s already pressed the button. “If I’m the first to press a button and then someone presses it after me, I have to press it again because it may have threw off the momentum of the machine. Nine times out of ten, we arrive to our floor faster when I take control of the situation. I’m pretty sure people want to thank me, but no one has ever said anything.”

Lydia can also be seen in at her job taking power naps, turning down people’s ideas, and often using words like “sweetie” and “honey” when beginning or ending sentences.


Published by Wendy Baroque on 3/24/14




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