Los Angeles Man Gives Back to City By Racking Up Parking Fines


Los Angeles transplant, Henry Dupris, makes quite a lot of money between his three part-time jobs and sculpting business. “Rent and gas are so cheap here, I just can’t thank the city enough.” Dupris, who goes out of his way to park in the red zone, also makes sure to never feed the meters. “I just feel like, I make all this money, I don’t know what else to do with it.” Sometimes, Dupris won’t pay fines at all for months so he has to pay even more money to the city. “I think it’s fantastic that there’s so many parking restrictions. We don’t pay enough in taxes. The City does so much for us, and we do so little in return.” Dupris claims his next step is to get his car towed during the anti-gridlock zone hours but he’s currently restoring an old bicycle first so he can get to the impound lot. He’s also currently working with city officials on adding more parking restriction signs throughout Los Angeles neighborhoods.


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