Man Runs Into Former Facebook Friend at a Party


DALLAS – Twenty-Five Year Old Brian Dieter was at a party recently when he ran into former Facebook Friend Rebecca Cadwell, “Well, it was Rebecca Marie before Facebook accidently ended our friendship.” Brian met Rebecca at his friend’s get together and added her on the popular social networking site that exact same night. “We didn’t really talk the first time I met her, but we shared mutual friends, so I decided to send her a request, which she took about a week to accept” says Brian. “I saw her at a party last night and went to write on her wall and tell her it was nice running into her again, but we weren’t friends anymore.”  This is when Brian really got confused.

“I don’t know what went wrong? I think there’s a glitch in Facebook’s system that allowed this to happen. Everything was going right with our online networking. I was liking and commenting on her statuses constantly. I even went out of my way to go back to her pictures from years ago and like and comment on those too.” Brian also claims he didn’t speak to her at the party and she actually seemed to be avoiding him the entire night. “Maybe she thinks I deleted her or something and is really mad at me? I guess I can send her another friend request and send a complaint to Facebook HQ about their glitch. They need to fix it soon because who knows how many people this happened to. It makes for really awkward situations amongst our generation.”


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