Man Who Drove Coworker to Airport Realizes that She Actually Won’t Love Him Forever.


WATERBURY, CT – 23 year old Cameron Greensley has come to the realization that despite his coworker Amanda telling him that she’ll “love him forever” if he drove her to the airport, that she really doesn’t even like him, let alone love him. “I actually haven’t spoken to her since I dropped her off that day. It kind of breaks my heart” explains Cameron. “She was in a desperate need for a ride to Bradley International Airport to go to Florida for her BFF’s Bachorlette Party, and that’s when she asked me if me if I could drive her to the airport when no one else could. We work together, so I thought this would be a chance for us to become better friends.” Cameron said she’s been back almost a month and that she hasn’t asked him for another favor. “I don’t know why? I think I did a pretty good job driving her. She got there safe and sound, and even two hours before her flight left, like airports recommend.”


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