Study Shows Southern Californian Car Buyers Aren’t Upgrading to the Premium “Turn Signal” Packages


In a 2014 study, car buyers in Southern California aren’t upgrading to the premium “turn signal” packages when purchasing new vehicles. This study has collected data from 1939, when the turn signal was first available, through January of 2014. The report suggests that the declining upgrades might have something to do with buyers being afraid to multitask while driving. “I’m afraid to loosen my grip on my steering wheel to flick the turn signal switch. What if I lose control of my car?” claims Annabelle, who texted us her response while driving on the 405 Freeway. “Sure, I want to let people know that I’m stopped at in the middle of the road and holding up traffic because I’m turning left, but it’s not worth the risk.”

The report will be made available to the public next month and it will detail more statistics of the decline, including quotes from other car buyers who didn’t upgrade, as well as those who did upgrade. However, in the mean time, there is one controversial theory that leaked which suggests turn signals come equipped with all motor vehicles and people just aren’t using them because they don’t care to let other car drivers where the fuck they are going. But, there is no evidence to support this claim at the moment.


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