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This doesn’t seem to be a very useful website. All it has is a plain white page with their logo. The only features are two buttons that say “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky,” but they don’t do anything when you click them. I don’t understand how this website is a household name. However, I visited this site on Valentines Day and their logo changed to fit the Holiday, which was very nice.



  • Nice Holiday Themes.



  • Non functional.

Final Score: 1.0 (only because of the nice logo change)

Published by Ronald Carlyle Jenkins 3/11/14



(I am not linking this website)


I don’t know where to begin on this website. It seems someone is sneaking into people’s homes and video taping their sex lives without their permission. I don’t know how the authorities haven’t been alerted about this yet, but you can bet I am going to make a complaint. At first, I panicked to see if maybe I was one of these victims, but I was unable to find a video of my wife and me. Thankfully I always locked the doors beforehand. I’m not sure if they are setting up hidden cameras and filming from our closets, but we should look into this. I am appalled that there are people out there that would put this on the Internet. I am creating a petition to get this off of here. If you’d like to sign the petition, send me your home address and I can mail it to you.


  • Easy to navigate.


  • Might be illegal
  • Not family-friendly

Final Score: 0.2

Published by Robert Carlyle Johnson on 3/01/14




This is a very useful site if used properly. It’s about time someone decided to put some competition to the archaic way of auctioning off things. Digital is in! While most real life auctions are mostly houses, cars, and other memorabilia, E-bay auctions consist of pretty much anything you can think of. The warehouse where they store this stuff at must be bigger than a Costco warehouse!

The only downfall is that I still have not received the Last Supper plate that was autographed by Jesus Christ himself that I ordered last year. I guess things take time, though.


  • A lot of items to choose from.
  • Slick, eye-catching layout.


  • Slow delivery time.
  • Can’t buy cocaine or infants.

Final Score: 6.3

Published by “Ill” Will Nesbitt on 2/27/14




The front page is very clean, but there are a lot of words on there that don’t make sense, like Francais, and Espanol. I’m pretty sure no such words exist in the English Dictionary. Aside from the made-up words, there seem to be tiny drawings that look like a little tiny skyscraper next to a McDonalds that’s next to a mini-mall. There are also drawings of little blue books, which is nice, but they don’t have the titles on them, so I’m not sure which books they offer here. I will say I admire a site that takes a risk and is ambiguous in its offerings.


  • Cool Clip-art puzzle logo.
  • Blue font. (It’s my favorite color).


  • They make up their own words.
  • Doesn’t seem to have a purpose.

Final Score: 2.2

Published by Robert Carlyle Johnson on 2/26/14




This is a really interesting website idea that has been around for almost a half a century. There are endless amounts of videos on animals and music that can be searched for at any time throughout the day or night. You can even upload your own “Americas Funniest Home Video” and share it with your friends, or maybe even the world. Just be careful because you can search the whole day away!


  • Anyone can upload.
  • Can get a $100,000 education for free.


  • Anyone can upload.
  • Can waste a real $100,000 education using this site.
  • No adult videos.

Final Score: 6.2 Stars

Published by Ronald Carlyle Johnson on 2/25/14



While the website is very easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, a lot of the music news is posted a few hours after it’s already been made public. When they are one of the first sites to post about certain news, it’s usually has no profound effect on your life at all. However, I will say that their daily album reviews, when applied with a dictionary, will help you expand your vocabulary.


  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Well-chosen banner advertisements.


  • Album reviews generally have nothing to do with the album itself.
  • No staff bios.
  • Bands might not be real.

Final Score: 4.5 Stars

Published by “Ill” Will Nesbitt on 2/25/14



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